Postgraduate Studies

To gain highly specialised knowledge and completences in the field of tourism Turistica carries out:

2nd Level Study Programmes (Master's)

3rd Level Study Programmes (Doctoral)

Electives between UP member faculties

The University of Primorska offers a wide variety of elective courses to students. Besides international and national exchanges, students can also select elective courses offered by members of the University.

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What Our Students Say About Us

“Turistica is an institution that can offer a lot to the students, but not effortlessly. To have a maximum efficiency you have to invest a lot, but it is worth of every single second of work. It is my first-hand experience. At first, I was actively participating at the lectures, then I upgraded it by cooperating in the Students Council of the faculty, following was my membership in the faculty Senate and later on the Student Council at University level and consequently the University Senate. There are many options to participate, you just have to get to work, and there is a lot of work. A contribution to your own personal growth is priceless. You will not only get a lot of useful professional knowledge, but through extracurricular activities you will gain many more competencies and skills, that will broaden your horizons. That is why the faculty’s motto is that Turistica is the best guide into the world of tourism.”

Nassim Djaba, postgraduate student