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Call for enrolment for undergraduate studies 2021/22

More information about the Call for Enrolment and Application is published here.

 1st YEAR Vpisna mesta za vpis v višji letnik (po merilih za prehode) parallel studies and graduates  
Slovenci in tujci iz EU Citizens of third countries and Slovenians without Slovenian citizenship   2nd YEAR 3rd YEAR 4th YEAR  1st YEAR Minimum to carry out
Full-time Part-time Full-time Part-time Full-time Part-time Full-time Part-time Full-time Full-time Part-time  
UP FTŠ TURISTICA   150 35 15 18           7 4  
Tourism destination management (professional SP) Ljubljana   20   10   *   *     2 Part-time: 15
Tourism Enterprise Management (professional SP) - carried outin Slovenian Portorož 90   9   *   *     4    
Tourism Enterprise Management (professional SP) - carried out in English Portorož   15   8             2 10
Tourism Enterprise Management (professional SP) - carried outin Slovenian Maribor           30           Part-time: 15
Tourism (UN) Portorož 60   6   *   *     3    

Note: * Places are limited by the number of available places in the 1st year of the students generation

Are you thinking about continuing your studies? Do you wish to expand your knowledge and gain extra competencies in the frame of your postgraduate studies?

Call for Enrolement for 2nd Cycle Studies 2020/2021

Call for enrolment for 3rd Cycle Studies 2020/2021

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