Research visit to France

Upon the French government Scholarship, awarded by the French Institute in Ljubljana, and referral by Turistica's mentor prof. Igor Jurinčič, the doctoral student dr. Miha Markelj carried out a research visit at the University of Angers, more exactly at the Faculty of Higher Studies in Tourism, Culture and Hospitality under the mentorship of dr. Philippe Violier. 

As one of the most important in the field of tourism, the University of Angers is distinct for its 50-year-old tradition at all study levels. With its faculties and research institutes it ranks among the most visible universities of France and represents the place, where other European professionals unite. 

Dr. Markelj's research project analyses different aspects of protected cultural landscapes' valorisation with the goal of sustainable tourism development. The main focus was on finding ways to construct a new methodological approach in tourism studies by using historical analyses on forming cultural landscapes. Doing so, we can collect new data, which link history with the present. 

Prof. Violier is one of the most visible experts in the field of tourism geography globally.  His experience and knowledge and his connections with various professionals (among which Bruno Marmiroli, director of the Mission Val de Loire institute) were of extreme help for the research project. Dr. Markelj met the lecturer and researcher dr. Sylvine Pickel-Chevalier and Pascal Liévaux, head of the research department at the heritage directorate of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication.

During his stay in France dr. Markelj visited the following protected areas: Béhuard, Bouchemaine, Savennières, Saumur, the area of Lac de Maine, Parc naturel régional Loire-Anjou-Touraine and besides the town of Angers also Tours and Nantes.

Photo: Miha Markelj, personal archive