New Rector of the University of Primorska has sworn and took up her duties

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Koper, 25 November 2019 - Today the University of Primorska held its 5th Rector inauguration at the St. Francis' Chamber (in Koper). With the symbolic handover of the Rector’s insignia, the present Rector prof. Dragan Marušič, after his 8-year long leadership of the Higher Education institution, gave prof. Klavdija Kutnar his duties and honours. She was elected in May.

 “As Rector of the University of Primorska I hereby accept the Rector’s insignia that shall pass from Rector to Rector as a symbolic commitment to our university. With this act I hereby undertake to maintain the quality, creative breakthrough and reputation of our education, scientific and artistic work with my knowledge and experience, responsibility and conscience.” said the new Rector, prof.

Many esteemed guests congratulated the former and new Rector, among which the State Secretary at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports, dr. Jernej Štromajer, general director of the Directorate of Science, dr. Tomaž Boh, the prestigious Russian Lomonosov university's Rector dr. Sergey Shakin, Croatian ambassador His Excellency Boris Grigić, Indian attaché Mamta Talwar, all four coastal Mayors Aleš Bržan, Gregor Strmčnik, Danilo Markočič and Đenio Zadković, rectors and vice-rectors of Slovenian and foreign universities, deans and directors of the Universities of Primorska, Ljubljana and Maribor, former rector at the UP, prof. dr. Lucija Čok in prof. dr. Rado Bohinc; honorary senators prof. dr. Tomaž Pisanski, Vojko Čok, Venčeslav Pišot; NAKVSI director prof. Franci Demšar, ZRC SAZU director dr. Oto Luthar and Slovenian Science Foundation director dr. Edvard Kobal, deputy president of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts academic Robert Zorec, dr. Draško Veselinovič, director of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Primorska Robert Rakar and others.

Photo: Alen Ježovnik