International Cooperation

Turistica strives towards internationalisation due to the internationality of the concept of tourism itself. Each year students show greater interest in gaining knowledge in the field of tourism abroad. More and more decide to experience the student mobility programmes for studies as well as placements and in this way complete a part of their regular study at a partner institution (exchange student programme) or gain practical experience in a foreign country (student mobility for placements). We noticed an increase for staff mobility as well (teaching and administrative staff).

In addition to student and staff mobility programmes, the faculty hosts also an outstanding number of guest lecturers. Each study year we host around 20 foreign lecturers, in the sphere of the mobility programmes as well as different projects.

The integration of the faculty into the international environment brings an additional value for the improvement of study methods, the development of new study programmes, and the advancement in science and research.

Na fakulteti bienalno organiziramo tudi konferenci Encuentros ter TIM – Turizem in Management, kjer s številnimi, tudi tujimi strokovnjaki, obravnavamo aktualne teme na področju turizma.


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