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From 24 October 2020, the following measures are in place at the University of Primorska to prevent the spread of COVID-19: 

(1) Access to buildings of the University of Primorska is limited, all buildings are closed and locked. In exceptional cases and after a prior agreement, staff and students can enter the buildings in line with their technical specifics and the guidelines of the university member leadership. All locked buildings still have to enable safe emergency exists for all the people inside.

(2) Teaching process is adapted:

  • Wherever possible, teaching is implemented distantly;
  • If teaching cannot be effectively implemented distantly, teaching activities are postponed;
  • If learning institutions, such as hospitals, senior citizens homes, schools and similar, do not enable training and teaching, these activities are postponed;
  • As a rule, students are not allowed to enter the university premised. In exceptional cases, when students face personal hardships and cannot follow distant teaching and learning, they may be allowed to enter the university premises in line with the prior agreement with the university member leadership.
  • Teaching staff (salary group D) can teach in empty lecture rooms at the university and broadcast live their teaching, when this is necessary to guarantee the quality of teaching, or when they need special equipment.

(3) Live contact with students, candidates and other users is not permitted at the university premises.

(4)  Leadership of university members and rectorate organises the work in a way that all basic necessary processes function without major interruptions:

  • Cleaning and maintenance,
  • Postal services,
  • Calculations and payments of salaries,
  • IT support for staff,
  • Other necessary processes.

(5) Leadership of university members and rectorate assures availability of signatories,

(6) All staff, apart from exceptions below, work from home.

(7) Leadership of university members and rectorate define the people, who cannot work from home and still perform their work at the university premises. These are especially people doing necessary processes (such as cleaning and maintenance, postal services, IT support for staff and others, due to the specifics of their work and other processes).

(8) Under all circumstances, there can only be one person in each room. Limitation does not apply for Student dormitories, which set their own limitations.

(9) Staff, who cannot work from home, due to personal circumstances and who, due to the safety concerns, cannot work at the university premises, are initially granted five extraordinary days of vacation, if this is still available, and then receive a status of not able to work due to higher force.

(10) Leadership of a university member and rectorate organises work in way stat study, research and administrative processes run as smoothly as possible.

(11) The stay of students in student residences is limited in line with the Governmental decree on temporary prohibition of gathering of people in education institutes from 23 October 2020.

(12) Live guided recreation of students and staff is not performed.

(13) All events, extracurricular activities, lifelong learning and other contact activities, which cannot be performed on-line, are postponed.

(14) Business trips abroad and outgoing international mobility of students and staff lasting more than a month are allowed without limitations. Shorter business trips and mobilities are allowed, under the condition, that quarantine is not required at the destination, on the way and upon return. Incoming mobility is permitted, following the regulations defined in the Decision on ordering and implementing measures to prevent the spread of the infectious disease COVID-19 at border crossings at the external border, at checkpoints at internal borders and in the interior of the Republic of Slovenia.

(15) We appeal to all students and staff to take consistent care of hand hygiene and cough and to follow general hygiene measures to prevent the spread of disease,

(16) We appeal to all students and employees to follow the verified and official information, especially the NIJZ and WHO.

(17) We appeal to all students and staff to prevent discrimination and respect for fellow human beings.



Currently, the following regulations are in place related to wearing masks or other similar protection at the University of Primorska premises:  

lectures - teacher 
lectures - teacher behind a protective barrier made of glass or similar material
lectures - students
clinical exercises, laboratory exercises, seminars, other exercises - teacher
clinical exercises, laboratory exercises, seminars, other exercises - teacher behind a protective barrier made of glass or similar material
clinical exercises, laboratory exercises, seminars, other exercises - students
sport activities - teacher
sport activities - student
field work - teacher
field work - students
working at own work space - observed interpersonal distance X
moving through common areas X
staying outside - observed interpersonal distance  X
staying outside - interpersonal distance not observed  X
staying in common areas X
meetings - observed interpersonal distance 
meetings - observed interpersonal distance 
events - speaker
events - publics

(for activities which are not taking place at the premises of UP, there is no indication about masksI).

Regardless of the specific situation, a mask or other form of protection is needed always, when minimum interpersonal distance cannot be observed (1.5 metres indoors or 2 meters outdoors). 

In line with the governmental decree on temporary measures to decrease the risk of infection and the spread of infection with the virus SARS-CoV-2, students and staff can also wear other appropriate protection of mouth and nose (scarfs or similar protection covering mouth and nose).

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