Maja Uran Maravić

Dr. Maja Uran Maravić is a recognized tourism and hospitality management educator, researcher and consultant with over 22 years of industry experience and 20 years of teaching experience. Specializing in service quality and strategic management in tourism, Dr. Uran Maravić is teaching undergraduate and graduate courses at the University of Primorska, Faculty of tourism studies–Turistica and University of Rijeka, Faculty of tourism and hospitality management. In addition, Dr. Uran Maravić has done a several projects on service quality or tourism strategies for Ministry of Economics of Slovenia (National Research Programme – Innovations in tourism, Programme for functional quality development for hotels, Slovenian hotel quality system, Slovenian human resources development program in tourism, Strategy for cycling tourism, Slovenian service quality policy and programs, Sport tourism in Slovenia) regional tourism organizations (Ljubljana Quality Award, Assessment of Ljubljana’s restaurants, Methodology for Ljubljana tourism quality selection, Tourism Strategy for Municipality of Ljubljana, Velenje, Piran, …), Slovenian Tourism and hospitality chamber, Slovenian hotel association and major Slovenian hospitality companies. She was also a project manager and leading author of Slovenian tourism strategy 2007-11.