Turistica Students shine at innovation competitions

Students shine at innovation competitions

Even though it is almost exam period at Turistica, our students are still full of energy. Thus, in May two student teams achieved great results – first place at the Innovative all-nighter completion and second place at the innovation festival festINNO.

Just as last year the team of Turistica graduates (Andreja Gradišek, Lea Podgoršek, Eva Lamberšek in Miha Košir) participated at the Innovative all-nighter completion, biggest Slovenian student hackathon, aimed towards fining new ideas for moving businesses and products, services and brands closer to the youth, and let them establish contacts with the best Slovenian employers. For the second time in a row the team won, this time in the challenge of the Medex company.

At the 10th traditional FestINNO (festival of Innovation at the UP) students Ana Celcer, Laura Paradiž, Saša Stušek, Neja Urbanč Đukič and Iza Cvikl did great with their business idea Handyman. They prepared an excellent pitch and won the second place. FestINNO is a business event, aimed towards networking, learning and socialising.

We congratulate our current and former students for their excellent achievements and promotion of the faculty. We also congratulate the menthors mag. Tina Kociper and dr. Dejan Križaj. 

The students proved again that there are no limits in innovation. Congratulations to both teams.