Student Council

The student life at Turistica is quite lively and seasoned with numerous extra-curricular activities and social events organised by the Student Council of UP FTŠ Turistica: Freshmen party, Turizmijada (International congress for tourism students from the Balkan region), Mind the Gap excursion to London, Summer schools, ITB Berlin, professional excursions to Slovenia and abroad, EIAT Belgrade (Serbia), The International Congress of Students of Tourism and Hospitality in Novi Sad (Serbia), competitions in the frame of the University League (basketball, soccer, volleyball) and the women’s Rowing team.
The faculty also hosts cultural events, like International evenings, and the theatrical group ArtTur and student journal Flaneur. Your studies will take place in the pleasant Mediterranean environment, where tourism represents everyday life and in this way, you will experience the beat of Portorož.

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The current Student Council:
Nermina Vilić, president
Petra Zierer,  vice-president
Vanda Kunst, secretary
Boris Revo
Špela Laussager
Anja Oman
Anita Zupančič
Anže Špenko
Nassim Djaba