Postgraduate Studies

Are you thinking about continuing your studies?

Do you wish to expand your knowledge and gain extra competencies in the frame of your postgraduate studies?

UP FTŠ Turistica offers you three 2nd level study programmes:

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Heritage Tourism (* in cooperation with UP Faculty of Humanities)
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Sustainable Development Management (* in cooperation with UP Faculty of Management)
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We also offer the 3rd level study programme:

Innovative Tourism
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Nermina Vilić, foreign student 

What our students say about us


“As a foreign student, I was attracted to Turistica because I knew it would offer me the opportunity to work and interact with knowledgeable professors and brilliant students, and help me achieve my goal to become an expert in the field of Tourism. Turistica offers the opportunities to expand talents in the tourism business, to inspire and motivate others, and achieve extraordinary results. That is why, I highly recommend you to study at Turistica.”


Presentation brochure for foreign students


You can find more information in the Student Affairs Office:


MONDAY – FRIDAY 10:00 – 13:00
THURSDAY 10:00 – 13:00 and 15.00 – 17:00


University of Primorska

Faculty of Tourism Studies Turistica

Student Affairs Office

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Brochure for 2nd and 3rd Level Programmes (in Slovenian)