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Last application submissions for study programmes at Turistica

Undergraduate study programmes:

You can enrol to full-time undergraduate study programmes Tourism, Cultural Tourism, and Tourism enterprise management up until 29 August 2018* on the web portal eVŠ.

You can enrol to part-time undergraduate study programmes Tourism destination management, carried out in Slovenian language in Ljubljana, and Tourism enterprise management, carried out in English language in Portorož, up until 28 August 2018* on the web portal eVŠ. The tuition fee amounts to 2.520,00 EUR (the payment is possible through 10 monthly instalments).

The number of placements is stated in the call for enrolment: here.

* Foreigners from non-EU countries and Slovenians without Slovenian citizenship can enrol up until 14 September 2018. More information about studying in Slovenia: here.

Master programmes:

You can enrol to the full-time 2nd Cycle Master programmes Tourism and Heritage Tourism up until 31 August 2018 on the web portal eVŠ.

The tuition fee for the part-time study programmes amounts to 3.050,00 EUR (the payment is possible through 10 monthly instalments).

The number of placements is stated in the call for enrolment: here.

You are invited to visit us during the open day on Wednesday 22 August 2018 at 5 P.M. in Portorož.

Doctoral programme:

You can enrol to the 3rd cycle doctoral study programme Innovative Tourism up until 31 August 2018 on the web portal eVŠ. The tuition fee for the doctoral study programme amounts to 3.800,00 EUR (the payment is possible through 10 monthly instalments and opportunity to gain and be reimbursed for all the amount by applying to the call – more information: here (in Slovenian)).

The number of placements is stated in the call for enrolment: here.

You are invited to visit us during the open day on Wednesday 22 August 2018 at 5 P.M. in Portorož.

More information about the studies: here.  Information about the enrolment for foreign citizens: here.

Information brochure: Welcome to Portorož, welcome to Turistica

28th Graduation Ceremony for Turistica’s Graduates

Category: Celebration Students

You are kindly invited to attend the

28th Graduation Ceremony for Turistica’s graduates,

on Wednesday, 18 April 2018, at 12.00

in the Lecture Hall nr. 001 in Portorož, Obala 11a.

The diplomas will be awarded to those students,

who graduated during the period: 1 june 2017 – 25 january 2018.

Graduates received their invitations by regular mail.

Students visit the Ecological Olive Farm Gramona

Category: Culture Students

In the frame of the Sustainable Tourism course, taught by assist. prof. Simon Kerma, our Erasmus students visited the ecological olive farm Gramona in Seča, a pleasant location above the Sečovlje Salina Nature Park. A complementary activity of the farm is also boutique (eco)tourism, which is taken care of by Andy and Nina Froggatt. The students visited the olive and persimmon (kaki) farm, tried to harvest the indigenous Štorta olive (for jar storage) and learned about the correct way of tasting olive oil. They also tried other local/Istrian delights.

The pictures speak for themselves …


Foto: Daniela Alemeida de Fonseca in Sveinn Skorri Höskuldsson

Turistica student to represent Slovenia at ASEM conference

Category: Interesting Students

Megan Božič, student at Turistica, was selected through a public call among thousands to participate at the 13th Foreign Ministers’ Meeting for member states of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). This year the conference will be held between 15 and 20 November in Myanmar. She will deliver a speech on Tourism and Terrorism.

Slovenia became a member of the ASEF Foundation by joining the EU in 2004 and has been involved in their activities ever since. By bringing various current issues to light these activities contribute to political and academic dialogue.

In conjunction with the 13th Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, students will attend the 8th Model ASEM political simulation and step into the shoes of foreign ministers and thus have a unique chance to discuss and exchange perspectives on current political issues related to both continents. The slogan of this year’s conference is “Strengthening Partnership for Peace and Sustainable Development”. Through role-playing, research activities, case studies and practical training student will enforce their diplomacy and negotiation skills and consensus-building and public speaking abilities.

Megan Božič, student at Turistica

Megan Božič is a 3rd year student at Turistica (Tourism Enterprise Management programme). She has always been interested in international relations, diversity of world cultures, travelling and languages, and thus decided to study tourism. “I like working with people and I see tourism as a branch that offers a lot of employment possibilities to the youth, at home and abroad,” Megan said.

She will attend the conference within the thematic group “Joint Efforts in Combatting Terrorism” with a speech on Tourism and terrorism, which is quite a current topic if we relate to the events the world has been experiencing lately. She applied to the call with a rather critical eye and in hope of gaining an international experience that would enrich her on the personal and professional level.  “When I found out that I was selected and that I will represent Slovenia at the international conference in Asia, I was amazed. 4200 candidates applied from 51 states and among them 150 candidates were selected, including me. I am very proud to represent my country at this great international event and take this task as an exceptional honour. I expect to gain a lot of knowledge, get to know the country, have the opportunity to meet young diplomats from many foreign countries, test my skills in public speaking and particularly live an unforgettable experience, that in the future will most certainly improve my understanding of relations between countries,” Megan said about the great opportunity that awaits her.





MOOC “Tourism Management at World Heritage Sites”

We are pleased to announce that the enrolment to the MOOC “Tourism Management at World Heritage Sites”, offered by the Universities members of the UNESCO UNITWIN network “Culture, Tourism, Development” is now open! What a great opportunity!

The MOOC introduces tourism at UNESCO World Heritage Sites by covering Communication Technologies, Economy, Management and Planning, etc. It is directed to policy makers, site managers, students and people active in the tourism industry.

The course comprises 8 modules (one each week) and all materials will be available for 1 year. After successfully completing the course, you will receive a free course completion certificate.

assoc. prof. Aleksandra Brezovec

Turistica’s associate professor Aleksandra Brezovec is among the pedagogical team that will  spread their knowledge in tourism.

The MOOC is open for everyone, especially professions involved in tourism.

More information here.

Extended deadline: co-financing of PhD studies

We hereby inform you that the application deadline for the public call for PhD studies co-financing in 2017 has been extended.

The new deadline is Wednesday, 25 October 2017.

The application forms are here.

Congratulations students!

Category: Sports Students

The landmark 20th autumnal sports and entertainment event “Čista desetka”, organised by the Primorska University Sport Association and Student Organisation of the University of Primorska was held in Koper on Wednesday 18 October 2017. Turistica’s students did a great job:

1st place in Bowling
1st place in the card game “Briškola”
1st and 2nd place in Ludo
2nd place in Darts (men)
2nd and 3rd place in Darts (women)
3rd and 4th place in Mini golf
4th place in Volleyball (mixed)

We thank and congratulate all students who participated as well as supporters in the crowd.

Photo: Student Council of Turistica 

Dream, believe and achieve

At Turistica the last days of September were marked by study, mobility and interculturalism. We welcomed our international students on 28 September 2017 in Koper and later on in Portorož, at our Faculty, where we organised the “Who are my fellow students?” event. In the following days we organised various events in the frame of the “Improvement of Higher Education internationalisation” programme.

On Friday we took a more interactive approach, which called upon active cooperation between the students, and we got to know the students, their motivation and expectations better.

In the first semester Turistica will host 24 Erasmus+ students and 6 foreign students on the Tourism Enterprise Management study programme, which is being taught in English as well from this study year on.


Photo gallery:


Orientation days 2017 for international students

Dear international students!

Below you may find the programme for the orientation days, which will start on Thursday 28 September. The programme is intended for both the incoming mobile students and enrolled students.

ORIENTATION DAYS 2017 for international students

Programme for incoming mobile students and enrolled students_Tuesday_October 3_2017