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Academica Turistica Journal indexed in SCOPUS

It has been a very successful year for our Academica Turistica – Tourism and Innovation Journal, as it was indexed in the database SCOPUS. 

Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature: scientific journals, books and conference proceedings. (Source:

Academica Turistica – Tourism and Innovation Journal (AT-TIJ) is a peer-reviewed journal that provides a forum for the dissemination of knowledge on tourism and innovation from a social sciences perspective. It especially welcomes contributions focusing on innovation in tourism and adaptation of innovations from other fields in tourism settings. It is published twice per year.

Spletna stran: Academica Turistica







The Academica Turistica – Tourism and Innovation Journal was established in 2008 as the first scientific and professional journal in the field of Tourism in Slovenia.


  • 2008: First issue of the ACADEMICA TURISTICA – JOURNAL OF THEORY AND PRACTICE IN TOURISM. The editor-in-chief is dr. Marija Ovsenik.
  • 2009: The journal’s editor-in-chief is dr. Boštjan Antončič
  • 2010; The journal is issued in e-version as well under the new name ACADEMICA TURISTICA – tourism and innovation journal
  • 2011: The journal’s editor-in-chief becomes dr. Gorazd Sedmak
  • 2012: Academica Tursitica is indexed in CABI
  • 2018: Academica Turistica is indexed in SCOPUS

Workshop in frame of the QNeSt project

On Friday 23 November 2018 Turistica hosted the workshop in frame of the QNeST project (Quality Network on Sustainable Tourism). The main guest was Henrique Ramos, an environmentalist from the Azores, who is currently visiting Slovenia.

The main goal of the project is to raise the quality standards in the field of sustainable tourism, promotion activities and networking between tourism providers. Henrique Ramos talked about sea pollution, the problem of microplastics and waste in connection with tourism. The latter is a double-edged sword, because on one part, it raises the economy and on the other, it represents a high risk for the environment.

Like Slovenia, the Azores do not want mass tourism. They want to be a green destination. The project manager dr. Marko Kukanja stressed the brand GREEN SLOVENIA, which is already well-established and popular around the world.

In the frame of the workshop, Turistica organised a promotional event as well, visiting the fish farm Fonda, which is well-known as an example of good practice – not only for networking between tourism providers but also arranging sustainable tourism. With the Atlas vessel, powered by solar energy, we visited the pools and shellfish farm. We found out why the Piran sea brass is so special and of delicious taste, how the sea farm carefully chooses the offspring, how and with what fish are fed, how long a sea brass grows, how long do mussels live and how to really recognise fresh fish.


We kindly invite you to attend the 2nd Workshop in frame of the project QNeST (Quality Network on Sustainable Tourism), which will be carried out on 23 November 2018 at UP FTŠ Turistica, classroom nr. 001.

In the first part we will host the professional in the fisheries sector Henrique Ramos, who will hold a lecture about Sustainable development of fisheries areas (in English language), and in the second part Jana Apih (GoodPlace) will present the Green scheme of Slovenian tourism (in Slovenian Language).



Date:  23.11.2018

Location: UP, Fakulteta za turistične študije – TURISTICA, Obala 11a, Portorož, classroom nr. 001

9:30 – 10:00          Gathering and morning coffee

10:00 – 11:30         Sustainable development of fisheries areas (Henrique Ramos)

11:30 – 11:45          Break

11:45 – 13:00         SLOVENIA GREEN (national and certification programme) (Jana Apih) * in Slovenian

Photography Exhibition: Kiitos Suomi (Thank You, Finland)

UP FTŠ Turistica kindly invites you to visit the photography exhibition

Kiitos Suomi

(Thank you, Finland)

in the Gallery AvanTuristica at UP FTŠ Turistica


The exhibition will be open until December 2018.


The Author:

Ana Stergulc, a student at Turistica, has been nurturing her passion for photography ever since she was a little girl. She has been at the other part of the camera many times, working as a model, but she really likes to stand in the shoes of the photographer as well. And for that reason she decided to study tourism at Turistica, as she loves working with people and gain the knowledge, she is now able to link to her hobby. She is currently upgrading her photography skills by working at the CasarsaGuru company. After finishing her diploma, she is planning to study photography and culinary arts, which is what makes her happy. Her motto is: “When you do what you like in life, you are feeding your soul” and hers is not empty at all.        



The exhibition:

During her studies Ana went to Finland as an Erasmus+ student and, of course, brought her camera, so she could capture the memories forever. This period was the best experience during her studies, as she learned a lot about herself and gained new knowledge. With this exhibition she would like to bring out this memories from Finland to inspire the future students to create such adventures for themselves.


Gallery AvanTuristica:

In the AvanTuristica gallery we offer bold photo-adventures through the eyes of the professional travel photographers as well as creative amateurs. We cannot imagine tourism without a camera. And we cannot imagine Turistica without the Gallery AvanTuristica


22nd ASEF Summer University at Turistica

Part of the 2-week long summer university, organised for the 22nd year by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) will be held at the Turistica faculty in Portorož. This year’s topic “Sustainable Tourism: Youth Driven Green Growth” is particularly interesting for the students and the youth, who are attending the summer university, and a unique experience for them, as they will be the ones suggesting the solutions to the challenges of sustainable tourism.

Part of the ASEFU22 summer university on sustainable tourism will be held at Turistica between 14 and 17 September 2018. Several students and young people from Europe and Asia will be attending it, and gain a deeper understating of the topic and share their experience through practical exercises, lectures and joint researches.

ASEFSU22 will focus on the 3 dimensions of sustainable development: economic, social and envronmental. The ASEFSU22 participants will tackle real obstacles to sustainable tourism in a practical way. Through trainings, workshops, lectures and study visits in Slovenia and Croatia they will deepen the understanding of the themes covered by the project. The results will be presented to relevant stakeholders and at the ASEM Ministerial meetings and other events.

On Friday, 14 September, the participants will attend the following lectures at Turistica:

  • Dejan Križaj: »Introduction to the Slovenian and Global Tourism Innovation Field«
  • Igor Jurinčič: »Carrying Capacity Assessment and Sustainable Tourism Development in the Protected Areas of Nature«
  • Irena Weber: »Come to Piran – There’s Nothing Here & Walking Art«

On Saturday and Sunday, they will visit piran and its surroundings (workshop under the menthorship of prof. Weber), Grand Hotel Bernardin, the farm Mahnič and the Sečovlje saltpans. The visits are coordinated by Tamara Kozlovič, Head of the Tourist Organisation Koper.

 More information about the summer unviersity ASEF: here

Launch of the Tourism 4.0 project

In September we are launching the 3-year long developmental and research project »Tourism 4.0« (Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia, JR RRP2, TRL3-6). The project partners met on 3 September 2018 at the premises of the Faculty of Computer and Information Science of the University of Ljubljana.

The project aims to create an innovative ecosystem, drawing the experience from the rich history of tourism management, and to combine the digital and physical space into one, enriched tourist experience, compliant with technological development. The expected result is a new form of dynamic cooperation among all tourism stakeholders. Such cooperation system will promote the creation of a new generation of tourism applications, services and processes, based on real needs and wishes of tourists.

The cooperating researchers plan to involve Turistica students into the project activities.

Project partners:

  • ARCTUR računalniški inženiring d.o.o. (lead partner)
  • Faculty of Tourism Studies – Turistica, University of Primorska
  • Faculty of Computer and Information Science, University of Ljubljana
  • Faculty of Tourism, Unviersity of Maribor

Duration of the Project: September 2018 – August 2021



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Gallery AvanTuristica: Culinary heritage of Slovenia

Category: Culture Interesting

KulTuristica – forums, conferences, exhibitions regarding the challenges and opportunities of cultural tourism 



During the University of Primorska Week

Turistica’s Department of Cultural Tourism and the University of Primorska Centre of gastronomy and wine culture in collaboration with the SloVino Association and Tourism Association Šparžin from Korte

Kindily invite you to attend the opening of the Iztok Bončina photo exhibition

Culinary Heritage of Slovenia

On Thursday, 15 March 2018 at 15:00

In the GalleryAvanTuristica at  UP FTŠ Turistica, Obala 11a, 6320 Portorož.

The author, his work and topic will be presented by dr. Aleš Gačnik, the students of cultural tourism, on the other hand, will highlight the stories of the presented dishes and take care of the cultural programme.  

A special speech during the opening will be held by dr. Stanislav Renčelj.

After the opening we kindly invite you to join the social evening with “fritle”with the Šavrinka (local woman from Šavrinija) Rozana Prešeren from the Tourism Association Šparžin from Korte in company with selected Slovenian wines.

After party: Turisticaffe

Rezultat iskanja slik za european 2018 cultural heritage The exhibition is organised in sphere of the European year of Cultural Heritage.


Turistica student wins 3rd place at the European Young Chef Award

The European Young Chef Award is a competition promoted by the International Institute of Gastronomy, Culture, Art and Tourism (IGCAT) from Barcelona. Encouraged by assist. prof. Aleš Gačnik, who is also a member of the international IGCAT group of experts, Turistica’s student Filip Matjaž participated in this prominent European competition. Filip has been flourishing for several years as a creative young chef and as a member of the Slovenian Young Chef Team. He gained his cooking skills in their family restaurant Tomi in Portorož.

Filip Matjaž represented the Mediterranean Slovenia (Primorska region) with the dish Taste of the Slovenian Sea and won the excellent third place, and thus became a mentor for future young chefs and at the same time the IGCAT ambassador for the Primorska region. Under the guidance of prof. Aleš Gačnik, the latter is preparing to apply for the status of European Region of Gastronomy. The winner, Aisling Rock from Galway – West Ireland, European Region of Gastronomy 2018 impressed the panel with her dish: Mackerel, Pickle, Sheep Yoghurt. The silver went to the Finnish Kuopio, Region of Gastronomy 2020, with the dish Blueberry pie gone to forest prepared by Josi Polso.

The first day of the competition, the participants presented a traditional dish to the jury panel; however, the next day they upgrade it with a modern version of it. Filip’s story was inspired by the tradition of the Istrian winds, full of vegetables, which are a base for every “Brodet” (fish stew), accompanied with the delights that the Slovenian sea has to offer.

He presented the innovative Istrian Brodet on an enamel plate produced in Slovenia. He first arranged it with vegetables and a clam cake, and so presented the seabed and Istrian garden. He placed the cuttlefish on the cake as it swims just above the seabed. On the top, he added pieces of fish in a threadlike pastry with which he portrayed a fishnet full of fish. Next to it, he served a sauce of traditional Istrian Brodet in an enamel cup, which was once used as a ladle. A final touch for the innovative version of the Brodet was the scampi salt that was prepared out of scampi and salt from the Sečovlje saltpans. To prepare his dish Filip used only the best sea delights and completed it with organic vegetables, produced in the Slovenian Istriaorgana, the Vinakoper malvasia wine and extra virgin olive oil from the Morgan olive farm.

Filip’s culinary motto says that every dish should represent the region, history and people living there. The dish reflects the region’s gastronomic identity, which allows guests to feel the destination. Furthermore, this is the exact content of his dissertation, which he is preparing under the guidance of prof. Aleš Gačnik.

Photo: IGCAT archive


Turistica student to represent Slovenia at ASEM conference

Category: Interesting Students

Megan Božič, student at Turistica, was selected through a public call among thousands to participate at the 13th Foreign Ministers’ Meeting for member states of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF). This year the conference will be held between 15 and 20 November in Myanmar. She will deliver a speech on Tourism and Terrorism.

Slovenia became a member of the ASEF Foundation by joining the EU in 2004 and has been involved in their activities ever since. By bringing various current issues to light these activities contribute to political and academic dialogue.

In conjunction with the 13th Foreign Ministers’ Meeting, students will attend the 8th Model ASEM political simulation and step into the shoes of foreign ministers and thus have a unique chance to discuss and exchange perspectives on current political issues related to both continents. The slogan of this year’s conference is “Strengthening Partnership for Peace and Sustainable Development”. Through role-playing, research activities, case studies and practical training student will enforce their diplomacy and negotiation skills and consensus-building and public speaking abilities.

Megan Božič, student at Turistica

Megan Božič is a 3rd year student at Turistica (Tourism Enterprise Management programme). She has always been interested in international relations, diversity of world cultures, travelling and languages, and thus decided to study tourism. “I like working with people and I see tourism as a branch that offers a lot of employment possibilities to the youth, at home and abroad,” Megan said.

She will attend the conference within the thematic group “Joint Efforts in Combatting Terrorism” with a speech on Tourism and terrorism, which is quite a current topic if we relate to the events the world has been experiencing lately. She applied to the call with a rather critical eye and in hope of gaining an international experience that would enrich her on the personal and professional level.  “When I found out that I was selected and that I will represent Slovenia at the international conference in Asia, I was amazed. 4200 candidates applied from 51 states and among them 150 candidates were selected, including me. I am very proud to represent my country at this great international event and take this task as an exceptional honour. I expect to gain a lot of knowledge, get to know the country, have the opportunity to meet young diplomats from many foreign countries, test my skills in public speaking and particularly live an unforgettable experience, that in the future will most certainly improve my understanding of relations between countries,” Megan said about the great opportunity that awaits her.





Guest Lecturer prof. Mihaly Vörös

In the sphere of the Erasmus+ project we are hosting prof. Mihály Vörös from our partner university Edutus College, Tatabánya (Budapest, Hungary).


Prof. Vörös will give lectures on Monday 9 October 2017 at 2 p.m. in classroom nr. 002 and on Tuesday 10 October 2017 at 12 a.m. in classroom nr. 308. The topic of the lectures is Food culture and food systems. 

Currently he is Professor Emeritus and Head of Research for the Local Food Chains and Innovation HÉLIA Working Group, a “spin-off” organization, and Scientific Student College established in Edutus College (Tatabánya, Budapest) in 2011.


Water, from myth to architecture

Category: Culture Interesting



Photography exhibition

Water, from myth to architecture

The opening will take place on Wednesday, 27 September 2017, at 12.00
in the Faculty of Tourism Studies Turistica hall in Portorož.

The exhibition will be open until 27 October.

Undergraduate students attending the Department of Cultural Tourism and foreign students of the programme and the Erasmus+ programme will exhibit their photographs in the faculty hall. The theme of the exhibition is linked to this year’s European Heritage Days: Water, from myth to architecture.  

The exhibition will be inaugurated by assist. prof. Irena Weber, member of the Department of Cultural Tourism.

Organised by:  Department of Cultural Tourism at the Faculty of Tourism Studies Turistica with the collaboration of the students.