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Photography Exhibition: Kiitos Suomi (Thank You, Finland)

UP FTŠ Turistica kindly invites you to visit the photography exhibition

Kiitos Suomi

(Thank you, Finland)

in the Gallery AvanTuristica at UP FTŠ Turistica


The exhibition will be open until December 2018.


The Author:

Ana Stergulc, a student at Turistica, has been nurturing her passion for photography ever since she was a little girl. She has been at the other part of the camera many times, working as a model, but she really likes to stand in the shoes of the photographer as well. And for that reason she decided to study tourism at Turistica, as she loves working with people and gain the knowledge, she is now able to link to her hobby. She is currently upgrading her photography skills by working at the CasarsaGuru company. After finishing her diploma, she is planning to study photography and culinary arts, which is what makes her happy. Her motto is: “When you do what you like in life, you are feeding your soul” and hers is not empty at all.        



The exhibition:

During her studies Ana went to Finland as an Erasmus+ student and, of course, brought her camera, so she could capture the memories forever. This period was the best experience during her studies, as she learned a lot about herself and gained new knowledge. With this exhibition she would like to bring out this memories from Finland to inspire the future students to create such adventures for themselves.


Gallery AvanTuristica:

In the AvanTuristica gallery we offer bold photo-adventures through the eyes of the professional travel photographers as well as creative amateurs. We cannot imagine tourism without a camera. And we cannot imagine Turistica without the Gallery AvanTuristica


Exhibition: Festival MMS 1978-2018

Category: Events Exhibition

Students of Turistica and Faculty of Humanities under the mentorship of mag. Tomi Brezovec and dr. Alenka Janko Spreizer prepared an interesting exhibition in honour of the festival Melodies of the Sea and Sun – MMS, which has been taking place since 1978.

The first festival took place 40 years ago at the Tartini Square in Piran and was won by Moni Kovačič with the song “Nasmeh poletnih dni” (Summer Days’ Smile). To honour the 40th anniversary of the first show the students of the Faculty of Tourism Studies Turistica and of the Faculty of Humanities under the mentorship of mag. Tomi Brezovec and dr. Alenka Janko Spreizer prepared an exhibition of the festival.

The exhibition presents the history of MMS and its winners with their songs. It displays all the records, cassettes and CDs that have been produced so far, with all the songs, issued by various record companies. A copy of the orchestra score for the first winning song, the booklet with song lyrics and various MMS promotional materials are also displayed. You can also see an important collection of festival posters and projects for the festival’s graphic design.

The exhibition, which you can visit at the Portorož Auditorium, was opened in frame of the ŠIPK project.

mag. Tomi Brezovec in dr. Alenka Janko Spreizer