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Extended deadline: co-financing of PhD studies

We hereby inform you that the application deadline for the public call for PhD studies co-financing in 2017 has been extended.

The new deadline is Wednesday, 25 October 2017.

The application forms are here.

Guest lecturer dr. Wolfgang Kraus

We hereby invite you to the lecture Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Global Challenges & Best Practices” on Tuesday 17 October 2017 at 12.00 in classroom nr. 002. The lecture will be held by dr. Wolfgang Kraus, senior associate at IPIECA, The global oil and gas industry association for environmental and social issues.

Dr. Wolfgang Kraus is the former Executive Vice-President of OMV’s regional headquarters in Koper, Slovenia, with responsibility for Slovenia and Croatia among other countries. He will share the knowledge and experience he gained by leading a global-local enterprise.

Erasmus+ exchange beyond EU borders

Turistica is well aware of the importance of international visitors and strives towards an active involvement in the Erasmus+ programme, and thus increases the number of visits of distinguished foreign lecturers and partners each year. May 2017 was a significant month for us. We successfully completed all planned activities in the frame of the first Erasmus+ mobility of individuals between programme and partner countries (KA107) and carried out all planned mobilities with partner countries from the United States of America.

The Erasmus+ programme enables participants and universities to gain new knowledge and exchange experience, offers a positive influence on personal and professional development and on the changes in the pedagogical process.

Between June 2015 and May 2017 Turistica carried out 12 mobilities with partner universities rom the US; 6 outgoing and 6 incoming, both for the purpose of teaching and training.

Incoming mobilities for the purpose of teaching:

Incoming mobilities for the purpose of training:

Outgoing mobilities for the purpose of teaching:

Outgoing mobilities for the purpose of training:

Turistica continues with the Erasmus+ mobility projects of individuals between programme and partner countries (KA107) in 2016 and 2017. We plan 18 new mobilities in the following countries: USA, Australia, Japan, China, Argenitina, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia.

Tourism programme taught in English


TOURISM ENTERPRISE MANAGEMENT (Bachelor’s degree programme)

Designed to meet the needs of dynamic tourism sector, this 3-year bachelor’s degree programme focuses on tourism enterprises management. The tourism part of the programme covers all aspects of the sector, including trends, products and policies, as well as intercultural, sustainable, innovative and entrepreneurial aspects of travel and hospitality industry.

Management related courses focus on marketing, finances, human resources, quality, strategies, communication and ICT. Each part of the programme helps students to develop the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude for a successful career in international tourism. The Tourism Enterprise Management programme gives students the opportunity to solve assignments in multicultural project groups and to gain practical experience in a real tourism environment.

The programme is offered in Portoroz as a part-time study. The tuition fee for the accademic year 2017/2018 will be defined in June 2017.  As an orientation, the tuition for 2016/2017 was EUR 2.520 and was payable in installments.

More about the study programme here


Enrolment places

Tourism Enterprise Management Full-time study Part-time study
Portorož – programme in english language 30

Study programme as a part –time study in Portorož (in English language) will be carried out only in case of 20 enroled kandidate.

Enroled palces (1. year) for Citizens of non-European Union countries and Slovenians without Slovenian citizenship

Tourism Enterprise Management Full-time study Part-time study
Portorož – programme in english language 15

More information and conditions for enrolment in the programme here

Brochure: Welcome to Portorož, welcome to Turistica


Call for Enrolment – Postgraduate Study Programmes 2016/2017

Are you thinking about continuing your studies?

Do you wish to expand your knowledge and gain extra competencies in the frame of your postgraduate studies?

We are glad to announce that the Call for the enrolment for postgraduate studies 2016/17 (Master and Doctoral programmes) is now available here (only in Slovenian):

Enrolment for Master Study Programmes:

slika PDH Skupni uvodni del razpisa za magistrski študij (Introductory part – Master’s)

slika PDH Razpis za vpis v magistrski študij Turizem in Dediščinski turizem (Call for Master Programmes Tourism and Heritage Tourism)

slika PDH Razpis za vpis v magistrski študij Management trajnostnega razvoja (Call for Master Programme Sustainable Development Management)


Enrolment for the Doctoral Study Programme:

slika PDH Skupni uvodni del razpisa za doktorski študij (Introductory part – Doctoral)

slika PDH Razpis za vpis v doktorski študij (Call for Doctoral Programme Innovative Tourism)


Turistica offers study programmes on 2nd and 3rd cycle – information about the study prgorammes is available prenos here.

The general language of instruction at the Faculty of Tourism Studies Turistica is Slovenian.

The application for enrolment must be submitted electronically on the web portal eVŠ: prenos

Candidates shall apply with a username and password. After completing the application electronically, the candidate shall print the application and sign it. Here are the instructions for completing the application: prenos link.

The deadline for the application form is 15 September 2016. Candidates must send the signed application and all requested documentation by registered mail at the following address:

University of Primorska
Faculty of Tourism Studies Turistica
Office for Student Affairs
Obala 11a
6320 Portorož, Slovenia

Information Days

Turistica will organise two information days, where you will be able to get more information and meet our staff:

  • Tuesday, 14 June 2016 at 16.00 in classroom 201 at UP FTŠ Turistica.
  • Tuesday, 30 August 2016 at 16.00

All other information about the study programmes and enrolment: 00386 5/61 770 27 or 00386 5/61 770 28 or

Enrolment for foreign citizens

Foreign citizens and Slovenes without Slovene citizenship can apply and enrol at the University of Primorska in accordance with the national legislation of the Republic of Slovenia and with thw University of Primorska internal acts.

Those foreign citizens with permanent residence in Slovenia who (or whose parents) are taxpayers in Slovenia and citizens of the European Union are subject to the same application procedure as citizens of the Republic of Slovenia.

Presentation brochure for foreign students

Call for Staff Exchange Programme between the UP and USA

In the frame of the Erasmus+ programme the University of Primorska (UP) has obtained funds for enabling staff exchange with partner universities from the USA.

The Erasmus+ programme is a EU programme that stimulates mobility between different educational institution, and has lately been opening doors to cooperation with non-EU countries as well. The staff exchange programme offers a wide range of possibilities to transfer knowledge and experiences among partner institutions.

The UP granted 9 incoming mobilities from the USA to the Faculty of Tourism Studies Turistica and to the Faculty of Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Information technologies Famnit.

The deadline for the nomination of staff for mobility is 9 February 2016.

For more information please contact our International Office.


Call for Staff Exchange Programme with the UP in the frame of the Erasmus+ Programme

Workshop “Researching tourism passionately and validly”

MIRT – The Mediterranean Institute for Research in Tourism
Faculty of Tourism Studies TURISTICA
invites you to the traditional research workshop carried out in the sphere of the doctoral programme Innovative Tourism by the host lecturer and internationally distinguished researcher
Prof. Sara Dolničar (Queensland, Australia).
The Workshop
“Researching tourism passionately and validly”
will take place at UP FTŠ Turistica, classroom n. 201, on:
– Monday, 4 January 2016 at 10.00
– Tuesday, January 2016 at 12.00
The workshop is intended for students studying on 2nd and 3rd level study programmes, who are beginning to write their Masters or Doctoral thesis as well as all other postgraduate students, who are willing to engage and motivate themselves for research work.


Note: The workshop will be carried out in English, the discussion and question will be possible in Slovenian language as well.
Prof. Anton Gosar,
Dean of UP FTŠ Turistica

Older news (2015):

More possibilities of student exchanges with the Russian federation

Portorož, 9 December 2015 – Assoc. prof. Igor Jurinčič, Vice Dean for Research and assoc. prof. Gordana Ivankovič, Vice Dean for Study Affairs, welcomed the new director of the Russian Scientific and Cultural Centre Mr. Jurij Meteljov, and talked about establishing cooperation with the Russian universities in the field of research, education and consequently teacher and student exchanges. We are looking forward to this cooperation especially in the field of wellness and medical tourism, but as tourism has a wide range of activities, it offers many possibilities for knowledge exchange.

The Russian Scientific and Cultural Centre in Ljubljana organises a wide variety of events and lectures on Russian culture and society, thus connecting Slovenia to Russia and enriching their collaboration. As we are noticing an increase in the interest for our study programmes by Russian students, we are really looking forward for this new cooperation.

DSCN4827 (Large)

From left to right: assoc. prof. Irina Makarova Tominec, Russianist and manager of the UP Centre of Slovenian Language and Culture, Valerija Kilpjakova, main expert and coordinator of student exchange programmes at the Russian Scientific and Cultural Centre, assoc. prof. Gordana Ivankovič, Vice Dean for Study Affairs, Assoc. prof. Igor Jurinčič, Vice Dean for Research, Mr. Jurij Meteljov, director of the Russian Scientific and Cultural Centre, and his wife Mrs. Irina Meteljova.


Portorož, 24 October 2015 – The University of Primorska, the Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO and the UNESCO Office organised the first UNESCO FORUM. This prominent event gathered the key representatives of the main programmes and operation areas, carried out within the framework of UNESCO in Slovenia.

Opening the UNESCO Forum was the performance of the violoncellist Igor Švarc. Dr. Stanislav Pejovnik, the president of the Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO, dr. Aleš Gačnik, the president of the UNESCO Forum, dr. Tadeja Jere Jakulin, the vice-rector of the University of Primorska, and Peter Bossman, the mayor of Piran, addressed the participants. Four programme segments followed. The first segment reflected the UNESCO heritage in Slovenia (the Škocjanske jame caves, the Pile dwellings in the area of the Ljubljansko barje moors, the heritage of mercury in Idrija/Almaden) and the intangible heritage of Slovenia. In the second segment, which treated the Natural sites and geoparks, the important wetlands in the framework of the Ramsar Convention, the biosphere reserves and geoparks in Slovenia were highlighted. The third segment was intended for the Youth and UNESCO, and presented the programmes, projects and activities of the UNESCO schools, UNESCO nursery schools and UNESCO youth platform. The last segment treated the educational, research and international projects, among which the UNESCO Chairs, UNESCO Category 2 Centre and national committees of intergovernmental and international programmes.

In the conclusion of the UNESCO Forum we saw two presentations: the administrator of the UNESCO Office mag. Marjetka Hafner presented the use of the UNESCO logo for commercial and non-commercial use, and dr. Aleš Gačnik, the Head of Department of Cultural Tourism and Cultural Heritage at Turistica, presented the concept of the UNESCO festival as a mean for integration, communication and promotion. The mission of the UNESCO Forum is related to the increase of recognisability of the UNESCO programmes and to the general promotion and popularisation of the UNESCO trademark in Slovenia.


Opening the UNESCO FORUM (from left to right): dr. Stanislav Pejovnik (president of the Slovenian National Commission for UNESCO), dr. Aleš Gačnik (president of the UNESCO Forum), dr. Tadeja Jere Jakulin (vice-rector of the University of Primorska) ter Peter Bossman (mayor of the Municipality of Piran). 

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Photo: Polona Iskra