Gallery AvanTuristica: Revealing Slovenian Heritage

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The opening of the exhibition

“Revealing Slovenian Heritage”:

Wednesday, 17 January at 13:00 on the Ground floor of Turistica

The exhibition will be open until 1 March 2018.


In the sphere of the European Year of Cultural heritage the Department of Cultural Tourism at Turistica and the Association of Travel Photographers of Slovenia opened the photography exhibition “Revealing Slovenian Heritage”.

Exhibitors: Aleksandra Jereb, Arne Hodalič, Boštjan Zajc, Gal Kušar, Iztok Bončina, Katja Bidovec, Kristina Brumat, Mankica Kranjec, Marjan Gresl, Martina Budal,  Nataša Hostnik, Tomaž Velechovsky, Tone Štamcar.

Gallery AvanTuristica

– The first gallery of travel photography in Slovenia!

In the AvanTuristica gallery we offer bold photo-adventures through the eyes of the professional travel photographers as well as creative amateurs. We cannot imagine tourism without a camera; And we cannot imagine Turistica without the gallery AvanTuristica.

The Association of Travel Photographers of Slovenia

The Association of Travel Photographers of Slovenia was established in December 2003 and has more than 300 members. It was established with an aspiration to raise the photos of Slovenian travellers, which are taken each year in world cities, deserts, mountains, rainforests, savannah and ocean coastlines, to a high-quality level. A high importance is given to training of photographers in form of courses, photography workshops and fieldwork. Many members actively cooperate with various home and foreign journals and newspapers. As photo reporters they report on pleasant, attractive and colourful, as well as black and white, sad and tragic moments of the modern world.

Contact: president of the Association – Iztok Bončina (


Turistica exChanges you! – LIVE 2017

At the end of 2017 the 2nd Turistica exChanges you! – LIVE event took place. Turistica Students presented their experiences during their exchanges in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and Poland.

This time we also hosted a large number of international students, who are currently experiencing their Erasmus+ exchange at Turistica in this semester. They presented their universities to our students.

In this way, students acknowledged the opportunities that the ERASMUS+ programme offers and gained useful information for studies and life at Erasmus+ partner universities around Europe.

We thank all the participants for their cooperation and wish you many successful exchanges in 2018!


Photo Gallery:



Student created innovative 360° videos

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In the frame of the subject Innovation in Tourism and under the mentorship of Assist. Prof. Dejan Križaj and Assist. Peter Kopić, students learned new methods of shooting videos with the 360°camera. Their task was to create innovative presentation videos of the group members and Turistica surroundings in English language. The shooting took place in different locations in the fall of 2017.

Many interesting videos were created and below we are posting the best three of them:

1. Alma Zupančič, Peter Benedejčič, Matic Frkač, Kristina Bogataj;

2. Marija Dolenc, Urša Kokalj, Anastasiia Chemerys, Matevž Mlakar, Gregor Prašnikar, Iztok Derstvenšek;

3. Nina Železnik, Maša Kostelec, Sara Peršolja, Amar Kulašević, Urška Popošek, Sara Ivačič.