Call for Enrolment – Postgraduate Study Programmes 2016/2017

Call for Enrolment – Postgraduate Study Programmes 2016/2017

Are you thinking about continuing your studies?

Do you wish to expand your knowledge and gain extra competencies in the frame of your postgraduate studies?

We are glad to announce that the Call for the enrolment for postgraduate studies 2016/17 (Master and Doctoral programmes) is now available here (only in Slovenian):

Enrolment for Master Study Programmes:

slika PDH Skupni uvodni del razpisa za magistrski študij (Introductory part – Master’s)

slika PDH Razpis za vpis v magistrski študij Turizem in Dediščinski turizem (Call for Master Programmes Tourism and Heritage Tourism)

slika PDH Razpis za vpis v magistrski študij Management trajnostnega razvoja (Call for Master Programme Sustainable Development Management)


Enrolment for the Doctoral Study Programme:

slika PDH Skupni uvodni del razpisa za doktorski študij (Introductory part – Doctoral)

slika PDH Razpis za vpis v doktorski študij (Call for Doctoral Programme Innovative Tourism)


Turistica offers study programmes on 2nd and 3rd cycle – information about the study prgorammes is available prenos here.

The general language of instruction at the Faculty of Tourism Studies Turistica is Slovenian.

The application for enrolment must be submitted electronically on the web portal eVŠ: prenos

Candidates shall apply with a username and password. After completing the application electronically, the candidate shall print the application and sign it. Here are the instructions for completing the application: prenos link.

The deadline for the application form is 15 September 2016. Candidates must send the signed application and all requested documentation by registered mail at the following address:

University of Primorska
Faculty of Tourism Studies Turistica
Office for Student Affairs
Obala 11a
6320 Portorož, Slovenia

Information Days

Turistica will organise two information days, where you will be able to get more information and meet our staff:

  • Tuesday, 14 June 2016 at 16.00 in classroom 201 at UP FTŠ Turistica.
  • Tuesday, 30 August 2016 at 16.00

All other information about the study programmes and enrolment: 00386 5/61 770 27 or 00386 5/61 770 28 or

Enrolment for foreign citizens

Foreign citizens and Slovenes without Slovene citizenship can apply and enrol at the University of Primorska in accordance with the national legislation of the Republic of Slovenia and with thw University of Primorska internal acts.

Those foreign citizens with permanent residence in Slovenia who (or whose parents) are taxpayers in Slovenia and citizens of the European Union are subject to the same application procedure as citizens of the Republic of Slovenia.

Presentation brochure for foreign students