Gallery AvanTuristica: exhibition Fences of the World

Gallery AvanTuristica: exhibition Fences of the World

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The opening of the exhibition of the Association of Travel Photographers

“Fences of the World”:

Monday, 14 March at 14:00 on the Ground floor of Turistica

Gallery AvanTuristica

– The first gallery of travel photography in Slovenia!

In the AvanTuristica gallery we offer bold photo-adventures through the eyes of the professional travel photographers as well as creative amateurs. We cannot imagine tourism without a camera; And we cannot imagine Turistica without the gallery AvanTuristica.

Ograja foto Iztok Boncina

Photo: Iztok Bončina

Fences of the World

The first fences were built by people to protect their domestic animals from predators and to prevent them to escape. Sometimes they even protected humans from wild animals or warn them of dangerous rivers, marshlands and precipices. Later on, they fenced and walled their cities, to protect them from invaders. Nowadays, on the other hand, people build new, different fences and walls. With them they mark their property and demonstrate which little piece of the world they own. With them they separate neighbours, friends, relatives. With high walls and barbwire, they can divide nations in a moment. And block paths. Not only to travellers, merchants, refugees, tourists, pilgrims, researchers, but also to new ideas, cultures, development, progression. They distance themselves from others and do not let others near. Once, fences were a concept of safety, coexistence and trust. You always found a big, open door on them. At the present time, they became a symbol of fear, mistrust and hostility. But iron and stony fences are not the biggest boundary. In time they deteriorate and fall apart. The fences, which are anchored in our thoughts or beliefs, on the other hand, are not easy to get rid of. The most dangerous ones are the fences and walls that we build in our heads.

The Association of Travel Photographers of Slovenia

The Association of Travel Photographers of Slovenia was established in December 2003 and has more than 300 members. It was established with an aspiration to raise the photos of Slovenian travellers, which are taken each year in world cities, deserts, mountains, rainforests, savannah and ocean coastlines, to a high-quality level. A high importance is given to training of photographers in form of courses, photography workshops and fieldwork. Many members actively cooperate with various home and foreign journals and newspapers. As photo reporters they report on pleasant, attractive and colourful, as well as black and white, sad and tragic moments of the modern world.

Contact: president of the Association – Iztok Bončina (

Exhibitors: Aleksandra Jereb, Alja Pregl, Ana Krevelj, Gal Kušar, Iztok Bončina, Niko Slavičič, Mateja Mazgan, Marjetka Tomažič, Marjan Gresl, Nina Kožamelj, Petra Golja, Stojan Rančić, Štefan Polenšak, Tomi Križaj, Tone Štamcar.