Exchange programmes – a priceless opportunity for students

Exchange programmes – a priceless opportunity for students

»Erasmus: Changing lives, opening minds« is a slogan defining the Erasmus+ programme. Moreover, it really seems that Turistica’s students accepted it, as each year they are being more and more active in this field. This year as well, almost 70 students applied for the Erasmus+ exchange programme, but in contrast to the last years, most of them applied for the student mobility for placements (practical experience).

We congratulate the students and wish them a lot of success!

This study year we will host 30 incoming students from other European countries, i. e. Spain, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary and Romania, who will present their countries and universities at the traditional International evenings of UP FTŠ Turistica.

Some facts about Erasmus exchanges at Turistica (period 2012-2015):  

  • More than 100 students participated in the Erasmus+, Ceepus, EGP/NFM and other exchange programmes;
  • Most students (60 %) decide for the study mobility;
  • Most of the exchanges are in the frame of the Erasmus+ programme (86 %); and here 70 % are mobilities for study and 30 % for placements;
  • Approx. 92 % of all mobilities are performed by undergraduate students;
  • 84 % of mobilities are carried out by female students;
  • The TOP destination for students of Turistica is Spain. It is especially interesting for practical experience (mobility for placements), and it is followed by the Czech Republic, Austria, the Netherlands and Germany;
  • The average period of the mobilities abroad is 4.5 months.

And some interesting facts about the Erasmus+ programme (Source: here, 22 February 2016): 

  • Slovenia is one of the TOP 5 countries in relation to the student outgoing mobilities;
  • In the year 2013-14 Slovenia ranked 24th in regard to the number of Erasmus exchanges, counting the incoming and outgoing mobility;
  • The typical Erasmus student is a female undergraduate student, studying in the field of social sciences, business or law. She is 23 years old and lives 6 months abroad with an average monthly grant of 274 €;
  • The TOP 3 destinations in 2013-14 are: Spain, Germany and France.