Workshop “Researching tourism passionately and validly”

Workshop “Researching tourism passionately and validly”

MIRT – The Mediterranean Institute for Research in Tourism
Faculty of Tourism Studies TURISTICA
invites you to the traditional research workshop carried out in the sphere of the doctoral programme Innovative Tourism by the host lecturer and internationally distinguished researcher
Prof. Sara Dolničar (Queensland, Australia).
The Workshop
“Researching tourism passionately and validly”
will take place at UP FTŠ Turistica, classroom n. 201, on:
– Monday, 4 January 2016 at 10.00
– Tuesday, January 2016 at 12.00
The workshop is intended for students studying on 2nd and 3rd level study programmes, who are beginning to write their Masters or Doctoral thesis as well as all other postgraduate students, who are willing to engage and motivate themselves for research work.


Note: The workshop will be carried out in English, the discussion and question will be possible in Slovenian language as well.
Prof. Anton Gosar,
Dean of UP FTŠ Turistica

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