The Faculty of Tourism Studies – Turistica is a member of the University of Primorska. It is the only faculty of tourism in Slovenia that offers multi-disciplinary teaching and research of tourism and educates human resources for high-quality planning, management and an excellent tourism offer. With this in mind, we have been implementing the European vision of modern education in tourism for more than 20 years.

We use the knowledge in the field of economy, ecology and social sciences to direct tourism into sustainable development. Thus we contribute to the knowledge society, innovative solutions, sustainable development and cultural harmony.

To promote cooperation of the faculty with the industry and wider community Turistica also homes:

Turistica is proud to have study programmes on all three levels, as the doctoral study programme Innovative Tourism was implemented in 2012.

In addition to study activities, a wide range of other events takes place at Turistica, including the conferences Encuentros and TIM (Tourism, Education and Management), round tables FuTuristica, and the gallery AvanTuristica.



The mission

UP Turistica is a tertiary education institution which intends to create, preserve, ensure and transmit knowledge, experience, and at the same time pool and disseminate the information necessary for the quality development of tourism and related industries. Within its mission, the faculty contributes to the development of the theory and scientific discipline connected with tourism.