Word from the Dean

Dear students!

Welcome to the University of Primorska. The Faculty of Tourism Studies – TURISTICA is Slovenia’s leading educational institution in the field of tourism. The evidence supporting this statement is:

1. TURISTICA celebrates in 2015 twenty years of existence; therewith being the oldest institution of higher education which educates for tourist professions. The modern building, constructed in 2007, is located along the coast between the two centers of tourist activities in Portorož, next to the student dorm Korotan.
2. For teaching purposes TURISTICA has recruited extremely qualified teachers: 27 doctors of science, a number of lecturers with master degrees, young and dynamic assistants, lectors of foreign languages and friendly supporting professionals.
3. TURISTICA offers study programs at all three levels of the s. c. Bologna studies – at the undergraduate – bachelor, postgraduate Master and doctoral PhD levels. At the first level of higher education (VS) we carry out studies on The Management of Touristic Enterprises, which includes a wide range of educational modules and optional contents. At this level of the study, we offer also two university study programs (UNI): Tourism and Cultural Tourism. We are extremely proud of the master study program at the second level of studies, where students who want to upgrade their skills, could inscribe two study programs: Tourism and Heritage Tourism. The latter is carried out in collaboration with the Faculty of Humanities, Koper. Our teachers are involved within the study program The Management of Sustainable Development of the Faculty of Management in Koper as well. For three years in a row TURISTICA is carrying out the doctoral study program Innovative Tourism, which is of utmost interest by students from Slovenia and abroad.
4. Thanks to the improving quality of teaching, and the useful help of tutor-students and tutor- teachers, the transition/passage of students from lover to higher classes and the proportion of graduates is improving from year to year.
5. At TURISTICA over 2000 students have graduated since school’s existence; the monitoring of the employability at home or abroad shows a constant progress. Graduates maintain their connection with TURISTICA via our Alumni Club.
6. Students are encouraged to take part at several international exchanges possibilities, in particular within the framework of EU mobility programs – like Erasmus +, CEEPUS and Leonardo da Vinci and within the contractual exchange programs TURISTICA and the University of Primorska have established with US universities. The study practice, numerous fieldworks and excursions are extremely popular among students (although with the additional financial obligation for students).
7. TURISTICA and the University of Primorska have an active student organization, called ŠOUP, which allows students to engage in the humanitarian, sports, cultural, professional and social activities. Representatives of students are involved in major managerial authorities of the school.
8. TURISTICA organises a number of professional events, exhibitions and lectures. In the context of round-tables, which we call FuTuristica current development challenges of tourism are discussed; the thematic photo gallery Avaturistica displays travel impressions. Within the scientific conference Encuentros (meetings) tourism experts and practitioners to report on their latest results of research. Students and graduates are involved in these events as well.
9. TURISTICA is proud of its research unit MIRT – The Mediterranean Institute for Research in Tourism, where teachers, staff and students are reviewing current issues, which concerns the tourist economy. Six international (EU) projects are to be concluded soon.
10. Through a network of successful tourism organizations, which are grouped around The Club of TURISTICA partners, we provide continuous and rapid flow of knowledge between the Faculty and the related economy. Within this network a number of smaller, applied projects are in progress. In 2009 TURISTICA received for their contemporary approach in teaching and research, the UN WTO Award for Innovation, in 2014 TURISTICA has been incorporated in the Network of UNESCO Schools of Higher Education.

I am confident that after completing studies at the TURISTICA students will be successful in the work environments they would choose to go. They should be competitive both – on the domestic and on the international labor market. I have with enthusiasm and joy worked in the tourism industry as tour-guide and travel agent. I still occasionally work for the industry, in particular as being the Chamber of Commerce’s examiner of candidates seeking guiding licenses. In addition I love to promote and present TURISTICA’s innovative research results at a reputable universities and conferences around the world. From students I have heard and read several praising word. Recently an E-mail from one of our student has made me proud. This graduate student of ours has bravely decided to find a job in London, in travel agency Thomas Cook. He wrote: “For a post in the company 160 candidates have applied. The test, which we did, was very similar to yours and I was able to successfully answer all of the questions. Thomas Cook has recruited five candidates, including me. “

Dear future and contemporary students of TURISTICA! I wish you a successful entry and work within the framework of the study that you have chosen. I assure you that you are going to find helpful teachers and professionals working at the TURISTICA, the Faculty of Tourism Studies of the University of Primorska.

On your educational route you should be curious, eager to learn and creative! People of such goals the tourism industry of the future needs.

Prof. Dr. Anton Gosar, Dean