Local cooperation

The Faculty of Tourism Studies – Turistica – strives for a close cooperation with the local environment and enterprises at home and abroad with a clear strategy:

  • cooperation with the economic sector for a transparent transfer of good practice and a reciprocal knowledge transfer,
  • strengthening local and regional cooperation with enterprises to transfer practical knowledge for an immediate application in the working environment,
  • reinforcement of integration and collaboration with related institutions to assure comparability and increase competitiveness, 
  • encouragement of life-long learning with an excellent educational offer for individuals and enterprises.

UP FTŠ Turistica has carried out many projects in cooperation with the local economic sector. More information and references: here.

Besides cooperating with the economic sector, UP FTŠ Turistica regularly organises events and exhibitions, and opens itself to a wider and professional public in the local area.

FuTuristica – forum on the future of tourism

From 2009 on we regularly organise the forum “FuTuristica” and invite participants as well as professional debaters and the media to discuss current issues in the field of tourism and the related activities. We try to strengthen the recognisability and status of the faculty on the regional and national levels as well. The general message of the forum is bringing light to current issues in the field of tourism and contemplating the future and innovation of Slovenian tourism.

IRM_5719 (Large)

FuTuristica (20 May 2015).


The first gallery of travel photography in Slovenia 

avanturistica (2)

In the AvanTuristica gallery we offer bold photo-adventures through the eyes of the professional travel photographers as well as creative amateurs.

By establishing the gallery AvanTuristica, we enabled a creative and artistic expression of current issues in tourism. Turistica also cooperates with the Association of Travel Photographers of Slovenia and encourages creative thinking and visual expression of students. The Gallery has its roots in 2010 and occasionally hosts other current exhibitions in the field of tourism. AvanTuristica strives to strengthen the recognisability and reputation of the faculty and university in the local and wider environment.

avanturistica 019

We cannot imagine tourism without a camera. And we cannot imagine Turistica without the gallery AvanTuristica